About the Law Firm

Our Law Firm provides comprehensive legal assistance tailored to Clients’ needs in the following areas of law: civil, criminal, inharitance, divorce, succession, labour and administrative cases, including the representation before courts and authorities.

Our Law Firm helps in business dealings as well as working out an agreement with a debtor. Thanks to our vast experience our Clients are advised how to successfully take over their property. The Law Firm carries out legal and enforcement proceedings as well as amicable actions in the area of debt recovery. We have a broad understanding of how to protect from unreliable business partners and knowledge how to deal with payment girdlocks.

We not only provide top quality legal advice but we can also assure our Clients our Law Firm is a place where even the most complicated life problems can be solved.

Our professional experience allows us to be certain that all the legal services provided for you will be of the highest standard.

We are looking forward to our cooperation!

Łukasz Górski,

About me

o mnieŁukasz Górski is a graduate of the Faculty of Law at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń.

In the years 2005-2008 he held a court application at the District Court in Bydgoszcz. In 2009 he was admitted to practice as an attorney. In June 2010 he completed his post-graduate studies in Banking Law and Banking at his home university.

From the beginning of his professional career he has been involved in the financial industry, working as a lawyer in one of the leading debt settlement companies in Poland, and then working with a number of law firms.

As a result he has nearly ten years of experience in wide-ranging legal services for companies and financial sector entities.

Łukasz Górski has provided legal services to the corporate portfolio of securitized receivables amounting to several hundred million zlotys.

His professional interests focus mainly on criminal law, family matters, legal issues related to trading and real estate, civil law, enforcement law, bankruptcy law, banking law, annuity law and company law.


Our Law Firm provides permanent legal services or individual orders. After initial assessment of complexity of the case, as well as expectations of the Client, our Law Firm presents an individual offer suited to the Clients’ preferences and needs.

Pay for legal adviceis determined on a lump sum or hourly rate, based on applicable attorney’s fees and bonus for a successful outcome.

Service for business

The Law Firm offers comprehensive legal services for entrepreneurs in terms of:

Administrative law:

  • legal advice on authorization and licensing
  • legal representation before the authorities of local self-government units,
  • legal representation in front of public administration bodies,
  • legal representation before the Voivodship Administrative Courts,
  • legal representation before the Supreme Administrative Court.

Contract law:

  • preparation of trade agreements,
  • legal support of business negotiations,
  • representation in common and arbitration court,
  • preparing legal opinions.

Debt collection:

  • debt collection on commission (amicable and court),
  • representation before courts and enforcement bodies,
  • legal due diligence,
  • legal advice on taking over indebted property.

Commercial law:

  • drafting contracts and statutes of commercial law companies,
  • legal advice and representation of business entities,
  • legal advice for transformations and mergers, redemption of debt,
  • permanent legal services for business entities, including the preparation of legal opinions,
  • representation of business entities in the field of court and extra-judicial disputes,
  • representation during bankruptcy proceedings, including filing claims for bankruptcy,
  • providing legal advice and consultation.

Criminal law:

  • criminal defense related to infringement of intellectual property rights,
  • criminal defense related to breach of bankruptcy law,
  • representation in criminal matters of business entities.

Intellectual Property Rights:

  • legal advice on copyright,
  • legal advice on the registration of trademarks, utility models,
  • representation in court and non-judicial disputes in the field of unfair competition law,
  • cooperation with the patent attorney in the field of representation before the Patent Office.

Labor law:

  • preparation of contracts of employment, managerial contracts, non-competition agreements,
  • representation in court and extra-judicial disputes,
  • drafting legal opinions.
Service for individuals

For individuals the Law Firm provides legal advice and representation services to courts and other bodies. In particular, in the following areas:

Administrative law:

  • drafting appeals, complaints about decisions of public administration bodies,
  • representation in front of public administration bodies,
  • representation before the Voivodeship Administrative Courts,
  • representation before the Supreme Administrative Court.

Civil law:

  • counseling in civil matters and civil proceedings,
  • property consultancy, other rights in rem, including transmission service  easement
  • counseling and representation on the division of property after the cessation of common-law marriage,
  • housing counseling and representation, including reimbursement of the residental deposit,
  • drawing up civil law agreements,
  • representation in court and extrajudicial matters,
  • preparing legal opinions.

Inheritance law:

  • advice and representation on acquisition and division of inheritance,
  • counseling and representation in the field of investigations,
  • providing advice and consultation on the ascertainment of inheritance acquisition based on the law and on the will

Family law:

  • counseling and representation in divorce and separation cases,
  • making appeals, pleadings in a divorce, alimony,
  • counseling and representation in matters concerning maintenance,
  • counseling and representation in other family and caring matters.

Labor and social security law:

  • assistance considering employee matters,
  • counseling and representation of insured persons before courts and other bodies,
  • making appeals and other letters to the labor and social security courts.


  • investigating claims from insurance companies for damages arising from traffic accidents,
  • claims and redress for personal injury.
Price list

The remuneration is determined on a case-by-case basis for each Client, in the form of a lump sum or hourly rate. Representation during court disputes is based on applicable attorney’s fees and bonus for a successful outcome.

In the case of clients with whom the Law Firm is bound by contracts for permanent legal services a lump-sum fee is preferable, based on the monthly workload associated with the service.

The value added tax (VAT) is charged to the remuneration resulting from the applicable rates. 

Pro Bono

We cooperate with the Wiatrak Foundation, localized in Bydgoszcz at Bołtucia Street, where free legal advice is provided every two weeks in support of the foundation.

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